Wow, it is finished.

EGG CARTON: interviews in subculture has been a yearlong project. It’s hard to think of it as done. I was able to interview so many people from the Rooster Teeth community, and I was so happy I was entrusted to tell their stories.

My next step? I have to exhibit the book in the Grad Show at my uni, Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Then after that the 3 remaining copies of the physical book will be traveling to Austin Texas with me for RTX. One copy is being donated to the Side Quest Charity Gala, to be auctioned off to raise money for charity. One copy is going to be given to a Rooster Teeth founder, because I think that is only right. The last copy is my own, and will be the item that I will collect signatures in.

I was so lucky I am graduating during Rooster Teeth’s 15 year anniversary. Watching the Why We’re Here’ Doc, so many things said and shown in that video is reflected in my book.

Thank you to my second family, the RT Community

If you wish to read a copy of the .pdf version of the book, you can download it here:


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April 21, 2018

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