The Benton magazine is a project I worked on in one of my design core classes. It was a group project where your team had to make an exhibition or display about the history of a typeface. I acted as project lead, a job which consists of me doing project overview. I approved of designs, documented it, kept the schedule, worked on concepts and ideas which my team, two classmates of mine, rendered into the final piece. I also worked on the copy within the magazine.

Benton Sans is a type family created for magazines, with one of the most well known users of Benton being the Martha Stewart Magazine. So we decided to use that as a direction for our project, to make our project resemble a home living style magazine

The first draft of what the cover would look like

Various elements that where included in the project:

The final iteration of the Benton Sans magazine cover

If you would like to read the magazine, you can download it using the link below:


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April 21, 2018

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