One of my favorite commissions to date has to be this one.

When the producer of Various Neon Rival podcasts, Patrick O’Rourke, contacted me to commission me to create an Illustration of Admiral Madler for his new D&D Star trek podcast, I got so excited I didn’t know how to respond. Hopefully mytext bumblings was charming and lessened the feeling of inexperience. This commission was an opportunity to work with my favorite podcast collective, so that’s understandable, yes?

Anyways, I had a lot of fun working with Pat to create the design of this character, which was to stand beside the masterful art of Ben Sigas , and the fun of researching and creating the Admiral uniform should be a blog post in itself!

I needed to create an original but still Star Trek Admiral’s uniform so I researched various examples in existing Star Trek uniforms, and used the existing Canadian Admiral dress uniform to create some unique touches
One of the first sketches of what the admiral looked like, as well as a potential pose. We did not have a race in mind for the admiral in mind and the only character details I was given was that the admiral was to be dignified with a large white beard. We only decided to have the Admiral to be andorian in the colouring stage, but the addition of the antenna was not a difficult task.
The final pose sketch. It was the one that demonstrated the most dignified and experienced feel
Honing into the final facial features of Madler
Sketching out the digital version of Madler before the line work stage


Line work completed, except for the antennae which where added after
I had created several different colour schemes before remembering that admirals wear red
I had created several different colour schemes before remembering that admirals wear red
The red version, before I added texture layering
The final image and design of Admiral Hunter Madler.

You can check out Starfleet Engage here


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March 8, 2018

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