As I reach the end of my Emily Carr University Communication Design Bachelors degree Grad project (Very long yes) I have realized I have not posted here at all!

My project is to compile interviews with various members of the Rooster Teeth community and to create a book, which I will design and Illustrate myself. It has been a year long process, and with a couple of illustrations I need to finish and some last minute edits, I am almost finished! Lot’s of things changed from the start of the project to the current iteration, even the title has changed! Originally called “The Hutch: Community in Subculture” the book has been renamed EGG CARTON: Interviews in Subculture.

The whole point, the raison d’etre of the book is to look into a community’s interactions/bonds with other members, which is not something that other books about Fandom touched. Those books preferred to inspect the relationship of the community and the thing the community is a fan of, not how the members interact with each other, which is what I find most fascinating with online fangroups.

More updates to come!


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March 7, 2018

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